Apple and Citrus Harvesting
5 May, 2019

Hardware first time used in Apple and Citrus industry with great effect!

First ever Table grape yield map
28 March, 2019

We are proud to bring the table grape industry the first accurate yield map with pinpoint accuracy!

28 March, 2019

After more than a year of visiting clients, testing our products and perfecting the outcomes, we made our first sale!

Partnering up
8 August, 2018

Our Journey has led us to a strategic partnership with Soft-Pro who specialises in smart-scales. By linking the harvesting information with the packing information, a whole new world of possibilities awaits us and our clients!

Field testing
Dec-March 2018

Field tests with the technologies was received well by the market and we knew we were on the right path.

Oct 2017

Opportunity came knocking to explore and research advanced technologies to assist farmers in their needs.

Moyca Spain, First big international clients
June 2017

After visiting Fruit Logistica in Berlin, we succeeded in securing a deal with Moyca Spain with out latest Picking Harness V.2.

First Big sales in South Africa
November 2016

After proving the Harness’s effectiveness and efficiency, we had great sales in the South African market.

Scaling up!
August 2016

Proving that the Picking harness works efficiently and effectively, the interest from farmers was large and we decided to go all in with the venture.

Spotting a gap in the market
January 2016

After having harvested grapes on the founder’s family farm, it was apparent there was a large inefficiency gap to be filled with the harvesting method. This gentleman assisted in making the first ever Picking Harness with Seatbelt and 3D printed clamps.

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