Table Grapes

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Table Grapes

The most accurate harvesting technology with the widest scope of traceability in the table grape industry has a great reputation for being simple and user-friendly for workers and managers.


Having line of sight on your productivity, harvesting progress and inventory gives you the power to make important great decisions in real time and get real benefits.

  • Individual productivity increases.
  • Working overtime due to wrong inventory information is reduced
  • Workers take responsibility for productivity and quality with our highly reliable traceability

An Industry first is our unique and highly accurate yield maps. Knowing exactly which orchards are performing and identifying underperforming sections inside your orchards delivers previously unattainable levels of control to increase your yields for future harvests.


A Bonus feature is accurate identification of crates with pest or sickness that can be traced back to the exact location & source-plant where it was harvested.


Large savings in pesticide and management of the orchard’s health puts money back into a farmer’s pocket

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