About the Founders

Since 2017, the two friends and founders have shared their passion for solving core problems in the agricultural industry using creative and innovative solutions. The founders always challenge themselves to ensure their solutions address the core needs of their customers while keeping complex technologies super user-friendly.


FG Adriaanse was born and raised on a farm on the West Coast of South Africa and has always enjoyed solving problems on their family farm. After starting the company in 2016 with a student project that became a large success, he found his passion of combining his farming experience and emerging technologies to effectively solve challenging problems in the Agri Industry.


JD Naudé is a mechanical design engineer from Stellenbosch University, with experience in product development and engineering consulting. JD has been a part of diverse product developments from ideation, to the point of market viability, taking innovations through the required process to ensure novel market fit and regulatory compliance.

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