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Partners and friends, FG Adriaanse and JD Naude, combined their passion for farming and engineering to create some of the latest and progressive Agricultural Technologies in the industry. At Adagin (Adriaanse Agricultural Innovations), we focus on aligning our solutions to customers’ core needs, thereby allowing our customers to drive informed decisions and stay competitive in the new Industrial Revolution.

Solutions for Farmers

Precision Harvesting

Tracking your produce starts in the field at source. Knowing the exact yield, productivity and performance of each tree gives you undreamt of power to increase profits over time

Precision Packing

Productive and accurate packing of produce using Smart-Weigh scales ensures that labour intensive tasks are done on spec every time.

We maintain farm-to-fork traceability by linking harvested produce with each package all the way through the value chain to the store and consumer.

Precision Job Costing

Harvesting and packing has a common and expensive component, being labour…

Having accurate and real-time insight to labour costs is crucial for any precision farmer. Our Time and Attendance solution provides job costing information effortlessly using smart phone technologies.

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